Helping great projects to bring positive change to the world.

Good brands are more than products. Great brands fulfill customer dreams and generate impact for people and the world.

Hi, I’m Rodrigo Seoane. I’m a creative designer with experience developing user-centered digital products and helping good ideas to spread.

I believe there’s a better way to grow and create communication, impact, and growth strategies that empower conscious brands to expand their reach and scale their influence for good.

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Brand Strategy

Beautiful, intuitive, simple applications. But I also help you craft an app launch strategy and mobile app marketing plan. I work to make sure everything works as expected and that your company benefits from the end to end mobile strategy and mobile product that I will help you build.

UX / UI Design

We’ll brainstorm the product concepts with you to make sure we fully understand them, enabling the creation of the first wireframes. After validating the screens and flow, an interactive and dynamic mock-up is created to ensure the real experience makes sense and all edge cases are covered.

Logo Creation

My two cents of contribution to other social entrepreneurs and purpose driven projects in a ‘pay-what-you-can’ basis, to help them have a great image to achieve their goals and make the world a better place.

Logo Package


Develop great projects into connected brands is one of my greatest pleasures. For the past 15 years, I’ve collaborated with a variety of companies, from large international corporations to small start-ups. This allows me to understand how to help SMEs establish a remarkable visual identity and in collaborating with multinationals using UX to strengthen their brand image.

But it also showed me that a high-end branding package can be too much for a project in an early stage or searching for funding. Thinking on that issue I’m offering a smaller package on a ´pay-what-you-want´ basis, to allow these projects/startups to have a high-quality logo to help them pursue their goals.

How it works

A Logo project take approximately 2 to 6 weeks. All time estimates are dependent upon the scope of the individual project, number/complexity of revisions, client response time, and my current schedule. A detailed schedule with estimated timelines will be given to each client. This process outline is a high level overview.

  1. Create connection
  2. | Understand business (moment)
  3. | Define goals & deliverables

It’s our first contact. The basis of our relationship. We’re going to discuss and analyse your business/project ideas, the industry and sector it operates; review your goals and define dates and deliverables for the project.

  1. Benchmark market leaders
  2. | Define brand values & concepts
  3. | Insights for business opportunities

After our first connection, I’ll get deep into your sector researching your competitors and the best practices used on your market to engage with your audience. This generates insigths for business opportunities and will guide me to define your brand style and voice.

  1. Hands on / Brainstorming
  2. | Burst creativity
  3. | 3 logo concepts + use case mockups

With the important information collected,we’ll move on into generate options. I’ll create a minimum of 3 unique logo concepts in the form of a presentation board that contains high-level use case mockups along with preliminary color pallete applications.

  1. Concept selection
  2. | Refinement & Revisions
  3. | Final version

The next step will be work in the option(s) that resonate better with you for further refinement and request up to theree rounds of revisions. We’ll be working together to develop a polished final logo that will be the foundation for the rest of your brand applications.

  1. Final approval
  2. | Logo + Applications Demo
  3. | Copyright Transfer

After the final aprooval in the extended deliverables I will condense the visual language in a style guide document with outline information of the design system created. I also prepare a social media launch kit with the necessary materials.

Art Direction & Consulting
Color Research & Pitching
Competitor Research & Positioning
Preparation of Final Deliverables
3 Unique Logo Concepts
Full Distribution of Rights
3 Rounds of Revisions to Perfection
Copyright Transfer


It’s a great satisfaction for me to been able to help other social entrepreneurs in their quests to bring positive change to the world. Unfortunately I can only offer 1/3 of my time to this service, and to be fare to all types of needs my agenda will be organised by the order of requests are made and not for value unless the budget meets my standard logo rate which brings it to my regular clients cue.

A detailed schedule with estimated timeline will be given to each client upon project inquiry.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

With his keen eye for design and commitment to seeing a project through, there is no one I’d rather have on my design team than Rodrigo Seoane.

Noah Levin


Rodrigo ha sido de una ayuda excepcional en el diseño de todo el material grafico de TEDxBarcelonaED y TEDxBarcelonaWomen donde el nivel de reactividad y de exigencia es muy elevado.

Aurelie Salvaire

Curator, TEDxBarcelonaWomen