It is the ground source and history of my project.
Apply design thinking process to promote innovation and help great projects
to be disseminated.

In December 2014, I had a pretty stable and well-paid job at a Swiss web application development company based in Big Data. At the same time I felt continually stressed because the company had a very confusing process and did not perceive the projects as a challenge or something that could generate me personal growth. I was always busy but I did not feel going somewhere, so I drop it.

For the past two years I’ve been away from the corporate market on a sort of sabbatical but not completely inactive. I knew I did not want to continue what I was doing but I did not know which way to go. So I stayed partially as a freelancer while looking for alternatives to what to do with my life.

What I knew after my research on social marketing and digital marketing for my masters project was my eager to participate in ideas / social projects working especially in their visual communication and dissemination process’.

And my luck started even before my departure when in November 2014 I met Aurelie Salvaire and started working for the TEDx BarcelonaED that happened in early 2015.

Since then I have been involved with other communities and social activities, and more recently working with OuiShare, I was surprised by a group of really special people that inspired me a lot to this new stage of my life.

Understand the collaborative economy, and learn by doing and discussing alternatives to build together a more sustainable and balanced future for all. And as they always repeat, OuiShare is an incubator of people, and took me to my main project today with the Platform Design Toolkit and made me rethink my business, making me available to help ideas and projects that need support in their visual communication To increase the impact on their communities.

Let’s do it together? =)



Global Vision

Create a better society where we can enjoy our everyday life as a unity which works and have fun together to solve our problems and achieve our greatness as Human Kind.

Local Mission

Help purpose-driven organizations and social entrepreneurs to be sustainable in the digital age.
Bringing great experiences to your customer and meaningful results for your brand.

Short Bio

I am a UI / UX designer and independent consultant for medium and small businesses and a great design thinking enthusiast as a tool to generate simple and innovative solutions.

I collaborated with a variety of companies, from large international corporations to small start-ups, which allowed me to understand how to help SMEs establish a remarkable visual identity or collaborating with multinationals using UX to strengthen its brand image.

  • Brand Strategy 80%
  • Internet Marketing 60%
  • App Development 50%
  • Customer Happiness 90%


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