Stockholm MasterClass

17-18 APR

A two-days experience to get hands-on with the methodology and develop your platform idea.
From Design to Prototype
> Organized by DF Kompetens

Why Platform Design?

Platforms help companies and organization leverage the power of ecosystems to grow and reach outstanding results that cannot be reached independently.
Platform Design is a key capability for your organization: it helps you deliver more innovation with smaller investments respect to building traditional services.

The Evolution of Service Design & Business Modeling

Platform Design Toolkit is based on the tradition of Service Design Thinking and was born to overcome the limitations in traditional, linear, Business Modeling approaches. Other methodologies cannot help you model multi-sided, ecosystem-based, platform models that are transforming the world of business and services.

Today Platforms revolutionize the world: operating as hubs, platforms “organize” interaction, skills, resources outside of traditional organizational boundaries and shape markets. Platforms leverage Ecosystem to win over the competition: several studies shown that network orchestrators (platforms) produce are more resilient and provide better revenues and valuation.

Why do platforms win?

Platforms are context for Scalable Learning

Platforms support individuals and companies hone their capabilities and improve performances providing an answer to the pressure coming from digital disruption

Platforms help brands reach unthinkable results

By empowering others in the ecosystems and creating channels for transactions and relationships, brands can multiply their potential and impact on markets much beyond their traditional potential

It’s a new generation of Design Tools

New tools are needed to help organizations leverage on the power of ecosystems and enable participation of external entities in the business process. That’s what the Platform Design Toolkit is for: design systems that create much more value than they capture and motivate everybody to join.

How can Platform Design Toolkit help me design the future of my organization?

Creating Channels

The Toolkit helps you design the right channels to make transaction in the ecosystem easier: by facilitating those who want to exchange value with your platform you’ll be able to generate more value.

Empowering Evolutions

The Toolkit helps you design services that support participants in the ecosystem evolve towards better performances and new opportunities. Enabling organizations are dramatically more resilient and valuable.

Who is it for?

  1. Corporate intrapreneurs that want to conquer markets and design better organizations.
  2. Startup founders that aim at disrupting incumbents with exponential growth.
  3. Social entrepreneurs that aim to achieve scalable impact.
  4. Consultants that help clients design innovations, anyone wanting to understand how platforms work.

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