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The future belongs to those who lead within this connected customer revolution.

Enhance customer relationship and convert your user interface into revenue.

Develop Your Brand

With a beautiful and easy to use interface a brand sends positive messages to consumers, building the trust that successful brands live by.

Original UI Design

Modern designs and features for small businesses and organizations committed to their vision. We thrive to optimize the best desktop and mobile experiences to customers.

Achieve Your Goals

Create inspiring, appealing and interactive designs. Join hands with us to create emotional connection through inspiring designs.

After many years working with and inside companies as a designer, what became clear to me is that people, in general, are very confused by all the changes and the evolution of complexity in running a business these days; Not just for the business owners, but also for the employees who needs to understand their customers and develop a different set of skills to manage the amount of information and a diversity of activities on a daily basis.

What worked as a formula 10 years ago, doesn’t work anymore. Customers are smarter and demanding attention using several channels to literally shape their own products. People are developing a higher sense of consciousness and relationship with the planet and its resources, voicing a concern about the responsibility of businesses’ and institutions to deal with these issues.

I believe companies must adapt in order to stay open and competitive. It’s a necessary transition and it’s already happening around you. This isn’t just a switch and won’t happen from night to day, so I am offering consultancy and case planning around these issues in a consistent way.

Allow me to ask you about your business image.

Does it match your view when you think about your company?

If you said no, probably what you need is a new collaborator on your team: A Creative Director. Someone who possesses the skills and experience to define and execute a clear business objective without slowing you down or running in the wrong direction. And most importantly, someone you can trust to bring your vision to life.

And this is where my Creative Consulting takes place. We’ll work on improving your business together and at your own pace. You’ll never have to worry about finding a new designer or your budget running out.

Meaningful collaborations and strong relationships to craft remarkable brands.
Let’s make this possible.


How it Works

Once a month, we are going to meet, in a 90-minute session, to review your case, what you did in the past month and discuss the actions for the next month and I will deliver a report with actionable advice and the visual assets for the period.

— These may include but are not limited to, logos, landing pages, banners, ads, social images, etc — on an ’as- is’ basis. As a standard, the work will be limited to 3-4 days of work.


Monthly Meeting


Actionable Advice Report


Visual Assets Production

i.e: This month focus is enlarge your audience. We could create 8 posts(Images + Content), to publish twice a week on facebook during the month to advertise an event you’ll organise or could create a landing page for a special offer to capture visitor’s emails to use it in future contacts through personalised email marketing.

We’ll decide what is better for your case but you can’t have both solutions in the same month.




This consultancy plan was developed to help business owners to understand the new scenario and how they can use the technology available to bring better products and services who meets the needs of their customers.

Enrolling to this plan you can expect:

Develop your Business Plan
Define priorities. Find your own strengths and get differentiation on the market. Create a strong brand image.

Know your customer
Identify opportunities of growth through social activities and play a different role in your community.

Achieve your goals
Convert customers into fans and let them freely advertise about your product.

Featured Skills

This is what I can offer to your business


Brand & Identity


Web Design


Platform Design


Social Branding


This is how we do it! Check how we develop the brand for Lumikha. An online platform to help social business connecting crowdfund campaigns and mobile games.

Criando Plataformas Positivas e Rentáveis


Introdução ao universo das plataformas positivas. Mudança do paradigma problema-cliente-solução para um ecossistema-plataforma-potencial.

O workshop pretende abrir os caminhos para o entendimento sobre criar valor para as diversas entidades e seus possíveis papéis inseridos no contexto da plataforma.

A importância de entender o valor das plataformas na idade das redes.  


  1. Designers / Agências Design.
  2. Empreendedores / Startup Teams / Managers.
  3. Social Orgs / Hubs.


  1. Introdução ao Platform Thinking + PDToolkit.
  2. Gerar novas perspectivas e insights.
  3. Gerar novos leads para consultoria e projetos.


  1. Apresentação do Conteúdo Digital
  2. Sala para 20 pessoas com projetor
  3. Catering ( Cafés / Chás / Boleria / Água / Cerveja / Chips )
  4. Sets de Canvas (A2/A3) (6)
  5. Post-its (50) [tam. 45x40mm]
  6. Sharpies (12)
  7. Blu Tack


Steps to check for student understanding

  1. Preenchimento dos canvas.
  2. Feedback.
  3. Número de Leads

Get Social. Think Mobile. Spend Local

I believe there’s a better way to grow and create communication, impact, and growth strategies that empower conscious brands to expand their reach and scale their influence for good.

Applying Design Thinking methodologies to nurture my clients’ projects, I can elevate then as partners and strive to achieve results there are both effective for the client, and easy to use and attractive to end users.

Good communication is the key in the process and I keep an open door to collaboration, creating an environment for producing predictable, high-quality results.

Be Aware
80% of consumers do “a lot” of online research for major purchase decisions, and 46% say they count on social media when making such choices.
Know Your Customer
Digital marketers spend more than half of their online advertising dollars on direct response goals, yet consistently generating leads or revenue remains one of their top two challenges.
Stay Connected
Less than one-third of customer service interactions took place online last year (social media, chat or email), but that volume is expected grow 53% in the coming year.

We have the right service to growth your result

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